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Step by step video on how to tie waist beads

Step by step video on how to tie waist beads

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Beginner-friendly video for tying waist beads

Tie your waist beads strand like a pro!

BAYA Creations provides experienced, knowledgeable and personalized instructions alongside our unique and beautiful jewelry collections. Watch the video and let our friendly and helpful staff explain exactly what you need to do!

The most comfortable way of wearing waist beads is under your belly, along your panty line. Some ladies wear their beads traditionally, under their clothes against their skin and other may wear them over their clothes, to adorn a long skirt or dress or against their skin while wearing a cropped top or low -rise jeans. Whichever way you feel like, simply follow these 3 easy steps below! For a tutorial video on how to tie, click here.


Step 1

Wrap beads around

Wrap the full strand around your waist. Adjust the strand wherever you want it to hang and hold with your thumb.


Step 2

Remove excess beads

While holding with your finger, pull excess beads off the strand. You may save them or discard them.


Step 3

Tie and cut off excess string

Intertwine the string and tie 2-3 tight knots. Cut excess string with scissors. Rock your BAYA waist beads!

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