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How I started my waist beads business EP01

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I remember when I first started my waist beads selling journey. I spent the whole day browsing the net for « how to make your own waist beads ». Every content I would come in contact with was not self explanatory and not reproducible because there would be some missing pieces of information. How frustrating! At the end of the first week, I was resigned to give up on my dream to create a functional waist beads business. Every piece of information I would get on the internet would just lead to a dead end. I woke up one morning and I decided to travel to Ghana. I knew from experience that most tradition African waist beads originated in Ghana so by traveling there I would get the exposure I needed to start my own waist beads brand. After couple of clicks on cheapflights and kayak, there I was. An electronic flight ticket in my email and wondering what the h*** did I just did. The last time I was in Ghana 🇬🇭 it was 10 years ago. Things must have drastically changed back there.. I had no waist beads seller contact so I would have to start from ground zero. How was I going to make it. No idea. One thing for sure I was boarding the plane on July 5th.. And I had a « contact »!

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