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How I started my waist beads business EP02

Hi babes,

I know.

This episode is coming ages later. But here we are! Where did we left at last time? Right! 38,000 feet above the ocean Atlantic on my way to Ghana. Well not really. My flight was landing in Addis Ababa where I was supposed to catch another flight to go to Ghana. I say  «supposed» because that didn’t exactly happened the way it was supposed to. I landed at Bole International airport only to find out that my flight to Ghana was canceled. No need to mention that I was depressed. No flights to Ghana until the next day. The company offered to accommodate my stay in Addis Ababa and my mood quickly changed as I arrived to the Hotel. The service, food and amenities were marvelous and before I knew it, I was on my way back to the Airport to catch my flight to Ghana. After I passed security, I called my "contact" in Ghana to confirm my arrival time and make sure she was still picking me up.

"Hi, Akwesi, my flight is landing at 4:20, will you be at the airport ?" " Something came up but you will see it's very easy to come from the Airport to East Legon. You Americans are smart. Very smart. You will be ok when you get there" "Wait what.. what do you mean get there I.. hello ? hello ?? hellooooo? Can you hear me?". She had hung up on me. This did not just happened to me. Hell nah. Wait what ? I didn't get a chance to process what just happened to me before the airport speakers started announcing that the passengers on the flight ACCK22 in destination to Accra were boarding. I quickly grabbed my backpack and headed to the boarding gate. I tried to call Akwesi while I was waiting in line to board but no answers. Ideas were running through my mind. Should I just leave and board the next plane to America. With what money? How do you even leave at this point? How do you decide not to board a plane when you are already inside the plane ?

Well, I had seen a movie where separated lovers left a plane to be together. But wait.. that was a movie. And they were lovers. And they were dirt rich. And the man was so cute I would have probably done the same. Now that I come to think of it, she was not that cute (the hater in me was totally at work here. yassss!).

Wow. Why am I even thinking about this now ? What is wrong with me, I am flying to a country I have not been to in 15+ years (the last time I was there I was 8yo, that doesn't count), and the only person I rely on to show and drive me around just dropped a bomb on my head. And before I knew it, we were taxiing waiting to be cleared to take off. Even tough I had no phone reception, I frantically started to type a message to Akwesi on WhatsApp. " Akwesi I feel betrayed how am I supposed to do this? Send me back my deposit money. You were supposed to be my guide. What if I had not call. What is wrong with you." Annnd of course a panoply of emojis going from confused emoji, upset emoji, crying emoji to vomiting emoji. YUCK. The captain just announced we are taking off. F*** it.

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